Would someone please sell something?

Each time we state an aphorism, we run the risk of generating unwanted argument. Such is the case with statement contained in the inserted graphic, from which the poster which hangs in my office was made. In my view, it speaks volumes.   Granted, there are businesses for whom outside sales are less important. However, … Continue reading Would someone please sell something?

A special request for the people of Charlotte, North Carolina

Do you know the woman who can just barely see over the steering wheel? Based on appearances, she is a senior citizen. She has those tiny curlers in her hair—the ones with brushes in them. You might know her as the grey haired speed demon who wears the tint-changing, light-adapting photochromic trifocal glasses and drives … Continue reading A special request for the people of Charlotte, North Carolina

Conquering the Decision Dilemma

For the most part, conquering the dilemmas associated with decisions is possible if we follow the simple steps outlined above. This can be hard work; but, it is necessary work. The health of the organizations we lead is dependent upon our willingness to dig into the data and understand the ramifications of the options; and discuss, debate, deliberate the possibilities; and, then, decide or decide to delay decisively.

From Ground Zero

It has been seventeen years now, since the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. Sometimes, it seems just like yesterday. At other times, it seems like so very long ago. So much has happened in our world since then. There will soon be many adults who were not yet born when this occurred. That is mind boggling to me.

Rembering is not an easy process; but, it is usually valuable. May we never forget those whose lives were taken from them, the many heroes on this day, and the thousands upon thousands who helped with rescue, recovery, and rebuilding.

A Sojourner's Heartsong

ground-zero-cross-bill-williamsServing as a Volunteer Chaplain at the site of the World Trade Center Tragedy, Ground Zero, has been the experience of a lifetime. Those who have known that I’ve been engaged in this capacity have asked many questions. These have been difficult to answer. How does one write about such horrific scenes? How does one appropriately write about the destruction, especially against the backdrop of the violent acts that caused it? How does one write about something, which is beyond comprehension? How do you describe the indescribable?

Though I have some reluctance in doing so, these lines are written in an effort to provide one perspective on a portion of what I observed and experienced at Ground Zero. Hopefully, this will enable others to be better prepared to give aid and comfort to the scores of people that have been personally affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

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