Ten Time Management Tips

Time ManagementHave you ever undertaken the tedious task of going through drawers, cabinets and old files to get rid of the superfluous stuff? Not too long ago I tossed an electronic gadget that has been in a box in my office for more than 20 years. As I stood there trying to decide whether to throw it away, several things occurred to me. First, it never really worked that well. Second, I really didn’t need it any more—probably never would. Third, it really was little more than a piece of junk. So, I tossed it.

I also have a few file folders laden with memos and clippings that I’ve saved through the years. Some leave me scratching my head, wondering why I ever saved them. Others seem to be worth saving still. From time-to-time I’m planning to share some of these here. To start with, here’s something that I clipped from a Day-Timer publication years ago. It’s under the heading of: 10 “Timebuster Tips”.

1. List everything you need to do—then number each item in order of priority.

2. Distinguish between “urgent” and “important” items—and make time for the latter.

3. Don’t just dream your goals—plan them. Write down the steps to each goal and get started on step 1.

4. Make a quick decision on each piece of paper that crosses your desk: act on it, file it, or toss it. Prevents paper pile-ups!

5. Set a starting time as well as a deadline for all your projects.

6. Treat a big project like a pie; cut it up into slices!

7. Take 10 minutes a day to plan your day and save up to an hour in execution!

8. When you’re swamped with work, don’t be afraid to say “no” to new projects.

9. If you run out of steam on one project, switch to another. A great revitalizer!

10. Trim the fat from you schedule: cut out low-payoff activities.

Hopefully you find these helpful.

Bill Williams, a sojourner