Take heart my friend

The first time I heard this artist’s music was in the 1990’s. Since then, Fernando Ortega has been one of my favorite musicians.

Years later, I was surprised and elated to learn that a dear friend of mine was a close, personal friend of his. Together, we attended a concert in an intimate setting at a small church in West Grove, Pennsylvania.

Following the concert, we sat with Fernando in the basement fellowship hall and enjoyed a relaxing visit over a cup of coffee. I listened while my friend and his wife talked with him about past visits, spiritual questions with which they were each wrestling, updates on family, and shared concerns over which they were praying.

Our brief visit ended with the perfunctory photographs together and we parted company. His bus was headed to western Pennsylvania. We headed to our homes a few miles away in Delaware.

After this brief visit, this artist was no longer merely one of my favorite musicians. He had in this brief encounter become one of my favorite humans.

I know, it was probably too brief of an encounter for such a sweeping assessment. However, this brief glimpse into the heart of the man behind the music and profound lyrics he writes and performs, caused me to see him in a different light. He knows the struggles of which he sings. He knows the joys, as well. More importantly, he seems to really know and have a magnificent obsession for the Lord Jesus of whom and for whom he sings.

I hope this song is a blessing for you, as it has been for me. Click the link to listen to:

Take Heart My Friend