Are you living the good life? (Part II)

A Sojourner's Heartsong

Are You Living the Good Life?

God definitely does have a sublime idea for our lives. Visionary people are not only aware of this, but are also willing to surrender to it. Many people have been blessed with family members or spiritual mentors who embody what it means to yield to God’s sublime idea for our lives.

Against this back drop, it seems reasonable that we should ask:

How do we surrender to God’s steering current for our lives and ministries?

First, we must believe our God is a “Can Do” God. Remember the observation of James: You have not, because you ask not! We must exercise our faith! Maybe I’m getting a bit too personal, but I really must ask:

Is your personal prayer life getting flabby do to lack of exercise?

Our prayers should also consist of more than vague generalities. If we believe God can do…

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