What fills your heart today?

The older I get the more I long for rest—good, quality rest. I also look forward with great anticipation to the heavenly reward promised in the Scriptures to those who put their trust in the Lord.

The fact that I long for both rest and reward, does not mean that I am oblivious to reason for which I remain in the body. My longing for one does not mean I devalue the other.

Nothing is more precious to me than life—the opportunities of this life and the people in my life here and now, today.

Each day, every day, I draw breath on earth is a gift from God to be used:

  • to bless the lives of others
  • to help others catch a glimpse of the Eternal One
  • to help others learn to love the One whose love drew salvation’s plan
  • to help whet the appetite of others for a here-and-now relationship with the God of mercy and grace who bids us all the yearn for the true rest, true reward, which are only to be experienced beyond life’s sunset.

So, today, I step out the door with eternity filling my heart, while hoping to help others experience the difference this makes in the present. Yes! Hope for eternal rest and reward: two of the biggest difference makers in the here-and-now!

© Bill Williams