Six reasons we keep going back to Silver Dollar City

Well, another trip to SDC in the books.


Someone asked how many days we have spent at SDC. Actually, I don’t know, precisely. I am certain, however, our family has been hundreds of times over the past few decades.

More often than not, the next question asked is, “Why do you keep going back?”

The answer to that is simple: Because we like it!

Actually, there isn’t just one reason. There are several reasons we keep going back. Here is a quick summary of a few:

1) FAITH: SDC was founded by a family whose Christian faith is central to their lives. It remains a place where such faith is celebrated. As one of the SDC characters from yesteryear famously said, “If that don’t stir your soul, then your spoon done fell out the bowl.” If faith in Jesus Christ matters to you, then SDC is a place where expressions of faith are frequent and encouraged.

2) FAMILY: SDC is a family owned business that endeavors to create an atmosphere for families. Although concessions here, like all other such venues, are expensive, families are allowed to bring their own provisions into the park. This is just one way they help families have a good time together. If you want to purchase expensive bottled water, you can do that. But, if you want a free cup of ice water, then most concessions operators will happily provide one.

3) FUN: Speaking of having a good time—that is definitely what SDC is all about! As my grandchildren often say upon arrival at the parking lot: Let the fun begin! There are rides in the park for all ages. The shows also are designed to appeal to and entertain young and old(er) alike. When it comes to family fun, SDC has all the bases covered. Even the tram ride from the parking lot is fun!

4) PATRIOTISM: SDC is definitely a patriotic place. This is never more evident than in the month of July. The decorations and fireworks speak volumes. However, a wholesome sense of patriotism is proudly displayed all-year-round. Now, this is not a gaudy sort of patriotism. It is simple, pure, realistic patriotism in a Lee Greenwood Proud to Be an American sort of way. SDC is a place where you can still be proud to be proud to be an American.

5) VETERANS: If you served in the military or not, you will appreciate the high esteem in which past and present members of our armed forces are held. Whether it is the recognition received upon entering the park or being specially recognized during the programs, veterans are definitely given their due during their visit at SDC. During a recent visit as I paused for a moment of relaxation under a shade tree, I observed a young man approach an older man sitting nearby. The older man was wearing a veteran’s ribbon. The young man asked him about his service and then respectfully listened to his story. After doing so, he thanked him, patted him on the shoulder, and, then, asked his young sons to shake his hand. They thanked him, as well.

6) SAFETY: In today’s world, perhaps as never before, safety is a major concern. There is clear evidence at almost every turn that SDC takes safety seriously. To the trained eye, there is also ample evidence of additional layers security designed to ensure the safety of guests while visiting the park. Also, the rides are operated in such a way you have no doubt that SDC places the safety of their guests as one of their highest priorities. You will be glad that safety matters to everyone at SDC.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list. Hopefully, though, you see why we keep going back to SDC. We love it. Our family loves it. And, I haven’t even started to write about our favorite time at SDC, which is Christmas. Lord willing, that is coming soon.

© Bill Williams

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    Well, this is not an exhaustive list. Hopefully, though, you see why we keep going back to SIlver Dollar City. We love it. Our family loves it. And, I haven’t even started to write about our favorite time at SDC, which is Christmas at SDC. Lord winning, that is coming is coming soon.


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