What do you do when you visit Seattle?

Yes, what do you do when you visit Seattle, Washington?


I wouldn’t want anyone to think I hold myself out as an expert on this topic. However, we have visited a few times and found some interesting and entertaining things to do. Actually, our visits have been brief, being tacked on either prior to or just after cruises taken out of Seattle.

My plan is to write about several of the things we have done in greater detail. In this edition of the “Travel Talk,” I will quickly touch on a few things.

In the photo which follows, you can see that we learned how many Seattle workers it takes to fill a pot hole. Lots! 😉


The first big stop we made was at Pike Place Market. 


If you travel to Seattle, you definitely want to make this one of your stopping points. 

You will be amazed by the vast supply of fresh cut flower arrangements. On our last trip, my wife purchased some to take on the cruise with us. We were out for seven days and they stayed fresh for the entire cruise.


No visit to the market is complete without stopping by the fishmongers’ booth. You might want to check out the excitement here by clicking on this link: Fishmonger’s Market.


If you enjoy browsing, you will want to allow yourself a few hours to take in all of the levels of the market. There is something here for most everyone. It is highly commercial; but, there is still a lot of local flavor, literally and figuratively speaking. The number of people who make this site one of their stops is confirmed by the photo below.


Outside the market proper, but still on Pike Place, is the attraction that most interests me. It is the original Starbucks, which was opened in 1971. 


The menu selections are the same as any other Starbucks; but, if you are a fan, you need to stand in line long enough to have at least one Venti Caffè Americano (or your personal choice). 


Be forewarned though, it gets crowded, so you may have to wait for a while. Our wait has been as short as 30 minutes and as long as about 90 minutes. 


While you wait, you will most likely have the opportunity to enjoy one of the area’s other fine features—street musicians. On one corner there is an excellent pianist banging out catchy tunes. Down the street a ways from him we heard man with the most beautiful voice singing gospel music a cappella. The last time we visited we really enjoyed the performance of the three-piece band that was performing by the front door of the Starbucks.  

Another enjoyable stopping place, which we have visited several times is Etta’s Seafod Restaurant. We enjoy being seated by the large windows, which look out on the people making their way to-and-from the market.


The prices are reasonable. The food has always been excellent; and, the service is exceptional. After spending several hours walking through the market, standing in line at Starbucks, or visiting the street vendors on Pike Place, Etta’s is a great place to refuel and recharge.

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