Another Monday Morning


So, another new week begins. The weekend was too short. Monday arrived too soon. For some, the things to do list you made last night haunted you all through the night — hopefully, it didn’t. 

Some who read this are eager for the new week to get under way. Others shudder at the thought of the ever-expanding list of essential tasks that keeps piling up. 

It is Monday morning. Bleary-eyed people all over the world are making themselves ready for what lies ahead by downing their first cup of coffee. Others are thinking they need a gallon of coffee just to think about tackling a new day.

Another Monday morning is upon us and we have to go to work! Or, do we? Think about that statement for just a moment. Now, I am not one of those people who think you can change something just be reframing it. No matter what frame you put around a painting of the jungle, it is still a painting of the jungle, right?

But, you can choose what you focus on in the scene. One person sees a snake slithering on the branch of a tree and shudders at the thought of who or what might become this hunter’s next meal. Another sees an idyllic scene of nature in balance, with a snake perfectly positioned to be warmed by the morning sun. 

Some call this perspective. Others think of it as point-of-view. How we choose to look at things really does matter. It changes our attitude. It influences our thinking. It can even be “heard” in how we respond to others who greet us with their “good mornings.” It even affects the expression we wear into the world to be seen be all we greet. 

We are the ones who choose how we will look at this new day upon us. Just like we choose what clothes we wear, we choose what “face” we will put on. We can look at the week ahead as a new opportunity before us, as a chance to shine. Or, we can dwell on the negative and think of it in the worst possible light. 

So, yes, another Monday morning is about to dawn. The soft silhouettes of the objects before us are becoming more crisp and clear as the sun nears its rise in the east. We choose how we will you look at this new day? We also decide how we will be seen? We choose what attitude we will project.

If it is true that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. I would like to suggest that we make sure we react to our Monday mornings in such a way as to celebrate the fact that we have a new day before us. We have an opportunity to make a fresh start. 

Really, we don’t have to go to work today.  So, we should decide to be happy about the fact that we get to go to work today! 

We don’t have to tackle the list of a thousand things-to-do, we get to accomplish meaningful things with the time we have today! So, choose wisely where you will focus your energy. 

We don’t have to go out the door with a face that mournfully moans, “I’m battling the Monday Morning Blues.” So, we can and should face the new day with strong determination that we will do everything in our power to make it a good day and help others we encounter along the way!

The choice we make not only impacts how we see the day. It also affects how others see us as the day unfolds. I am persuaded that our choices are also contagious. Do you want to be surrounded with positive people? Then, be a positive person. Do you want the people around you to be energetic and productive? Then, set an example of this in your workplace. Do you want people to see the glass as half full? Then, refuse to dwell on the emptiness you see!

I am not suggesting we be oblivious to the negative things that surround us. Nor, am I suggesting that we paint on a false smile and fake it till we make it. What I am suggesting is that we deal with these things appropriately. We can still whistle while we work, even if we are cleaning toilets. We can still be enthusiastic about our jobs, even if we are cleaning up the mistakes made by other people. 

So, another Monday morning has arrived. Let’s do our best to make this a good day. Let’s do our best to help other people have a good day. Let’s do our best to remain unaffected by people who choose not to look at Mondays this way; and let’s do our best to help them anyway. 

© Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner

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