Make it home safely

As I’ve mentioned before, I travel quite a bit for work, mostly by car within a few hundred miles from home. Almost every time I am on the road, I see accidents along the way. Many appear to be serious.

On Friday of last week I traveled to Tulsa for business in a thunderstorm. The winds were intense, lightening was striking closely and all around me. Rain was torrential. After driving past an accident in the opposing lanes involving a vehicle on its top in the middle of a long bridge, with several highway patrol vehicles, fire trucks, and an ambulance blocking on coming traffic, I decided to stop at a rest area to let the storm pass.

Yesterday, after tending to some personal business in the city, I was returning home to southern Logan County via the recently expanded Hwy 74. Traffic was moderate, since it was Saturday afternoon. An older model dark blue mini van zipped by me. Then, because we were approaching a construction zone, it began to slow.

Suddenly, what appeared to be a big, black blanket shot into the air from the mini van. Then several other items flew into the air from the van. Simultaneously, break lights lit up and the van began to slow rapidly. The driver was weaving around quite a bit, but was gradually making his way toward the center median.

Because I was maintaining a safe driving distance, I was able to avoid the debris and slow down safely. There was no way of avoiding the “blanket,” so I did my best to straddle it as I drove over it. But, the bumper-riding individual in the truck behind me had to swerve into the approaching construction zone briefly to avoid both of us. There were several vehicles behind him, all of which seemed to be getting stopped without any problems.

As I navigated the narrow passageway around the van, I noticed its hood smashed flat against the windshield. Then it was obvious, what I thought was a blanket was in fact the fireproof insulation which was previously attached to the under side of the hood. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see the pickup driver was stopping to lend assistance. I was already an hour behind schedule. So, I made my way home.

If this incident had occurred only a half mile to the north, then we would have been right in the middle of the construction zone, where traffic narrows to two lanes, jersey barriers block the right shoulder, and there is no center median. It could have been a bad accident. I’m sure to driver of the minivan felt like it was bad enough as it was. This must have been a harrowing experience for him!

We just never know what we will experience out there on those busy highways. So, be alert! Be safe!! Make it home safely!!!