A special request for the people of Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC on iMaps

Do you know the woman who can just barely see over the steering wheel?

Based on appearances, she is a senior citizen. She has those tiny curlers in her hair—the ones with brushes in them. You might know her as the grey haired speed demon who wears the tint-changing, light-adapting photochromic trifocal glasses and drives the bright red Kia Sportage, with the orange and blue stuffed animal dangling from her mirror.

You know her, right?

Would you please speak to her about following passers-through too closely?

When we are driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, no matter how much you crowd us, we can’t speed up or move over. It is impossible! So, you are just going to have to slow down.

Also, if you do happen to know her, would you please tell her that her left eyebrow needs a little work on the edge. It is a little thicker than her right eyebrow.

(c) Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner
July 22, 2019

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