Three things to know when facing menacing serpents

Mornings matter to me.

I would like to sleep in like I used to, sometimes; but there is so much to miss.

This morning, sleep is an impossibility. My spirit is disturbed about a multifaceted people matter, which shall remain unnamed. It has dominated my thoughts for a couple of nights now.

Getting to sleep has been quite difficult. Then, on several occasions, my sleep has been interrupted. Night before last, when dreaming about this, it morphed into a menacing serpent that was aggressively chasing me across an open field. This dream startled me so much, it was a long time before sleep returned.

This matter nudged me awake again this morning. I made coffee and ate breakfast. Slipped out the front door with coffee in hand to welcome the new day from a fresh perspective.

During this time of reflection I concluded a few things that might be worth sharing:

1. The vexing matter is not of my making. It has existed a long time. If there is no change within the heart of the source, it will most likely continue to exist long after I am gone. This saddens me; but, it is a truth which must be accepted.

2. Barking doesn’t bother the moon. I have heard that expression a thousand times. It’s been attributed to at least a dozen different sources. Most importantly, it also is true. The moon is completely oblivious to the millions of dogs barking at it every night. It is not insensitive. The moon’s role is to reflect the radiant splendor of the sun. It does this job well. So well, in fact, that not even a billion barking dogs would keep it from shining!

3. God’s purposes and promises always prevail. While this idea took shape, I noticed in the western sky a most beautiful sight. Because of where my mind was tracking, I am sure it was already strongly influencing my thoughts. There, partially hidden by a tree and in all its glory, was a big, beautiful, full moon. This reminded me of the idea that the moon is referred to as a “faithful witness” in the Psalms. I had to go back and read Psalm 89 again to be reminded of the depth and breadth of this idea. This psalm paints a picture of our God’s majesty and sovereignty, whose purposes and promises can be fully trusted. The moon is a faithful witnesses which assures us we can trust God. The perpetual presence of the moon is the quintessential reflection of His glory, which assures us His purposes and promises will always prevail.

Gaining fresh perspective always helps! My day will now be shaped by these realities:

1. We will always be confronted with vexing matters, which are not of our making.

2. Even a billion barking dogs wouldn’t bother the moon.

3. God’s purposes and promises always prevail.

This is going to be a good day! A very good day, indeed!! Praise the Lord!!!

©️Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner

September 14, 2019

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