Retirement Announcement

Favorite Alaska T-Shirt Retires

It is with a deep sense of regret and anticipatory grief that I feel it necessary to announce the retirement of my favorite Alaska T-Shirt.

This trusty T has serve faithfully and well most Saturdays for the past three years. It has been through a lot and never has it complained. It has endured many, many blisteringly hot, excessively long days in the burning sun, always maintaining a bright and fresh appearance.

That is, until recent months. First, it started to fade. Then, at a pace which portends rapid onset of substantial, material fatigue, seams now have started to tear and fray. Its crisp color has taken on an every so dingy shade, a sure sign this basic garment is simply worn out.

Now, while it still has a thread of decency, I have decided to give this loyal servant a place of dignified rest at the end of my shirt rack in the closet. From this perch of honor it will knowingly preside over the comings and goings of the rarely worn line up of a few prospects vying for the status of my new Saturday favorite.

Please join me in wishing my Green Alaska T a happy retirement.

©️Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner

September 21, 2019

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