Joy for the journey

Somewhere in Alaska

With an extraordinary, extremely productive, but run-of-the-mill weekend behind us, we welcome the start of a new work week.

It is Monday morning in the heart of Red Carpet Country. We have a crisp, cool temperature of 46° outside. I have strong, rich, hot, dark coffee in my cup. Morning sounds are quickly swallowing up the peaceful night sounds which surround me.

Looking back, I observe: We had a great, way too short weekend! My wife and I got most of the yard work done on Saturday. There is always more to do; but, we feel good about what we got done. We worked hard. But, we had fun.

Sunday was filled with worship, Bible classes, and small group. I also enjoyed a rare, but beneficial, nap. Prior to the day’s activities, I was able to squeeze in a few hours of early morning work on an enjoyable project. We ended the day well after dark with a dead battery, which had been telling us by its sluggish starts of late, was soon to come. I ended the day with tools in hand changing out the battery. Another reminder that the “do it now” approach is always a good approach.

So, what is the point of this post? It is simple. Our days are full of ordinary moments, which form the fabric of our lives. When considered alone, they are just that mere moments in time. When viewed as a part of the whole of our lives, we see the glory of the ordinary.

Drink life in.

Enjoy every step along the way.

Breath the Monday morning air with both satisfaction and anticipation.

Live life to its full.

Live for God.

Then you will know the glory of the ordinary, which brings joy to the journey and hope of a joyful arrival to the final destination shared by all.


©️Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner
October 7, 2019

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