Please remember to be nice

Two children riding in the backseat of their grandparent’s car are having a bit of a tif. Nothing serious, mind you. They are just being a bit gruff with one another. A grandparent intervenes, “Now, that’s not how we are supposed to talk to each other, is it? The grandson replies, “Well, that’s how she … Continue reading Please remember to be nice

Have you been wounded by a friend?

Have you ever been wounded by a friend? Sure you have. That old bit about “sticks and stones…” just isn’t true. Really, who hasn’t been wounded by the words of others? I was once wounded by a friend and have the scars to prove it. My friend, who is notorious for his playful banter, took … Continue reading Have you been wounded by a friend?

I am grateful he chose to be my dad

It hardly seems possible that it has been five years since he finished his earthly journey.  I enjoyed our phone conversations, during my afternoon commute; but, didn’t call often enough.  I enjoyed morning coffee and conversation with him; but, I rarely made this happen.  I enjoyed listening to his stories and learning about life in … Continue reading I am grateful he chose to be my dad

Frustrations and the Holy Spirit’s fruit

From the archives: I went to the bank to make a deposit some time ago. There was only one teller on duty at this small branch. The line was long. I waited patiently for the five people who were in front of me. It seemed to take forever for each one to do his or … Continue reading Frustrations and the Holy Spirit’s fruit

Yes! God Answers Prayers!

I've never really doubted it. But, a recent event has served to confirm my conviction. I enthusiastically affirm: Yes, God answers prayers... While waiting to board a flight from Indianapolis to Houston, my attention was drawn to the young African American woman seated in a wheelchair a few feet away. She was wrestling with a … Continue reading Yes! God Answers Prayers!

Living with no regrets

I had just finished speaking about living with no regrets. A gentle-spirited, older woman approached me. She was complimentary. She was not, however, her normal, cheerful self. She wore a worried expression on her face, which I was not accustomed to seeing there. So, I asked if there was something she wished to discuss. “Well,” … Continue reading Living with no regrets