Three things to know when facing menacing serpents

Mornings matter to me. I would like to sleep in like I used to, sometimes; but there is so much to miss. This morning, sleep is an impossibility. My spirit is disturbed about a multifaceted people matter, which shall remain unnamed. It has dominated my thoughts for a couple of nights now. Getting to sleep … Continue reading Three things to know when facing menacing serpents

The promise is for all

Here I sit enjoying a few minutes of reflection on the patio following a brief afternoon nap. A gentle breeze is blowing from the south. Steady, but light, rain drums a peaceful cadence, with gutters singing along. Their song has never been heard before; it will never be heard again. Click here to watch the … Continue reading The promise is for all

Where do you find yourself this morning?

Well, it is Wednesday morning. How is your week going? Very often, when Friday morning arrives, I find myself asking: Where has the time gone? Who stole Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? If we find yourself asking questions like this on Friday mornings, perhaps it would be helpful it we prayed this prayer today (and every … Continue reading Where do you find yourself this morning?

What is more important than people?

My family is excited to be part of a church plant in north Edmond, Oklahoma. Although there are many challenges associated with church plants, it seems to be where I am most comfortable. That is not to say that I prefer hard metal chairs over padded pews. However, there really is nothing more exciting and … Continue reading What is more important than people?

What is the desire of your heart?

This popped up in my FB feed earlier today. It is a memory worth sharing. Thus ends the book "The Pursuit of God" by Tozer... Lord, I would trust Thee completely; I would be altogether Thine; I would exalt Thee above all. I desire that I may feel no sense of possessing anything outside of … Continue reading What is the desire of your heart?

A most memorable baptism

What is your most memorable baptism story? Now, as a father of four children whom I have had the joyous privilege of baptizing, these memories are certainly the most precious. Each was special for different reasons. Each one remains special, as my children continue to live by the Spirit and walk with the Lord. There … Continue reading A most memorable baptism

I am grateful he chose to be my dad

It hardly seems possible that it has been five years since he finished his earthly journey.  I enjoyed our phone conversations, during my afternoon commute; but, didn’t call often enough.  I enjoyed morning coffee and conversation with him; but, I rarely made this happen.  I enjoyed listening to his stories and learning about life in … Continue reading I am grateful he chose to be my dad