Seeing the sublime

LEARNING FROM A CHILD Many years ago I started telling our children bedtime stories. It was great fun to make up fanciful stories about far away places. Sometimes the characters would do some really incredible things. They might wear absurdly funny clothes. They would sometimes do things that just wouldn’t square with the reality. All … Continue reading Seeing the sublime

Yes. God answers prayer—again!

We were saddened to see the moving van in our backyard neighbor’s driveway. We had never been close to her, but, since she was widowed shortly after we moved into her neighborhood, we had tried to keep an eye on her. She was very independent and really never needed anything. Now she’s off to North … Continue reading Yes. God answers prayer—again!

Yes! God Answers Prayers!

I've never really doubted it. But, a recent event has served to confirm my conviction. I enthusiastically affirm: Yes, God answers prayers... While waiting to board a flight from Indianapolis to Houston, my attention was drawn to the young African American woman seated in a wheelchair a few feet away. She was wrestling with a … Continue reading Yes! God Answers Prayers!