Learning to dream again

When you look at this old house, what comes to mind? Do you wonder what happened to the people who once lived here? Do you wonder why they abandoned their home? When we think about this dilapidated building a bit longer, it occurs to us that it may well represent something more. It could signify shattered dreams and dashed … Continue reading Learning to dream again

Deep. Dark. Desperate… Depression.

Have you ever felt like you were slipping over the edge into a deep, dark abyss? Have you sensed the afternoon sun slowly beginning to fade, even though it is an otherwise beautiful, cloudless day? Have you ever felt like some inexplicable power is slowly sucking the life out of you? If you have, my … Continue reading Deep. Dark. Desperate… Depression.

Please remember: You are loved!

Many years ago a young friend of mine who lived in Singapore was struggling through a series of devastating events. From the outside looking in it seemed as though he was simply being ground to a pulp. He shared his struggles openly for several weeks on his blog. Then, he abruptly stopped posting. He stopped … Continue reading Please remember: You are loved!

Living with no regrets

I had just finished speaking about living with no regrets. A gentle-spirited, older woman approached me. She was complimentary. She was not, however, her normal, cheerful self. She wore a worried expression on her face, which I was not accustomed to seeing there. So, I asked if there was something she wished to discuss. “Well,” … Continue reading Living with no regrets