Would someone please sell something?

Each time we state an aphorism, we run the risk of generating unwanted argument. Such is the case with statement contained in the inserted graphic, from which the poster which hangs in my office was made. In my view, it speaks volumes.   Granted, there are businesses for whom outside sales are less important. However, … Continue reading Would someone please sell something?

Conquering the Decision Dilemma

For the most part, conquering the dilemmas associated with decisions is possible if we follow the simple steps outlined above. This can be hard work; but, it is necessary work. The health of the organizations we lead is dependent upon our willingness to dig into the data and understand the ramifications of the options; and discuss, debate, deliberate the possibilities; and, then, decide or decide to delay decisively.

Three suggestions for maintaining healthy work-life balance

For many people maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a major challenge. One of the primary difficulties in this regard seems to be establishing sensible boundaries, which preserve and protect the various, essential parts of our lives. In a quest to better understand how people address this challenge, I asked some friends for their input. … Continue reading Three suggestions for maintaining healthy work-life balance

How to make the most of Monday mornings

Do you dread Monday mornings? Many people do. In fact, I recently learned there is  a term for the moment this dread sets in. It is: SMONDAY, which is defined as the moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety over Monday morning’s arrival kicks in. I used to really dread Monday mornings. … Continue reading How to make the most of Monday mornings