Please remember to be nice

Two children riding in the backseat of their grandparent’s car are having a bit of a tif. Nothing serious, mind you. They are just being a bit gruff with one another. A grandparent intervenes, “Now, that’s not how we are supposed to talk to each other, is it? The grandson replies, “Well, that’s how she … Continue reading Please remember to be nice

Insight from Proverbs concerning communication

Who amongst us has struggled with foot in mouth disease? You know, that awkward moment when all eyes turn to you and you become painfully aware that you have said something you should not have said. Or, perhaps, you have said something in a way that simply came across in the wrong way? Unfortunately, we have all been there and done that. The following insight concerning communication with one another is taken directly out of the Proverbs. I hope it will be as beneficial to you to read these verses, as it has been for me to arrange them here for your perusal.