What is more important than people?

My family is excited to be part of a church plant in north Edmond, Oklahoma. Although there are many challenges associated with church plants, it seems to be where I am most comfortable. That is not to say that I prefer hard metal chairs over padded pews. However, there really is nothing more exciting and … Continue reading What is more important than people?

A most memorable baptism

What is your most memorable baptism story? Now, as a father of four children whom I have had the joyous privilege of baptizing, these memories are certainly the most precious. Each was special for different reasons. Each one remains special, as my children continue to live by the Spirit and walk with the Lord. There … Continue reading A most memorable baptism

I am grateful he chose to be my dad

It hardly seems possible that it has been five years since he finished his earthly journey.  I enjoyed our phone conversations, during my afternoon commute; but, didn’t call often enough.  I enjoyed morning coffee and conversation with him; but, I rarely made this happen.  I enjoyed listening to his stories and learning about life in … Continue reading I am grateful he chose to be my dad

Effective Communications

Think about it... Although it takes various forms, communication at its core centers on exchanging information. Much good is accomplished through effective exchanges. In contrast, poor or inappropriate exchanges can do incredible harm. That is why we must continually strive to improve our communication skills. To that end, I suggest a few helpful biblical insights … Continue reading Effective Communications