Effective Communications

Think about it... Although it takes various forms, communication at its core centers on exchanging information. Much good is accomplished through effective exchanges. In contrast, poor or inappropriate exchanges can do incredible harm. That is why we must continually strive to improve our communication skills. To that end, I suggest a few helpful biblical insights … Continue reading Effective Communications

Are you getting enough RE’s?

Most Monday mornings bring moments of clarity for me. Weekends, especially those with ample time in worship and quality time with family, provide lots of opportunities to get in a few much needed “Re’s.” Such as: ⁃ Relaxation ⁃ Realization ⁃ Remembering ⁃ Reassessment ⁃ Realignment ⁃ Reinvigoration ⁃ Rededication These “Re’s” help bring clarity … Continue reading Are you getting enough RE’s?

Singing between the notes

Anne Lamott is an enigma. She writes with complete candor about her life-experiences. She sometimes offends the sensitivites of some church people with her unvarnished remembrances of her journey from atheism to an unashamed confession of faith in Jesus. Her openness and honesty is unsettling to those who are huddled behind barriers, insulated from the … Continue reading Singing between the notes

What a suffering Savior teaches suffering saints

It is difficult to write about suffering. Part of the reason: it is such a personal topic. Writing about suffering and consequently inviting readers to think about suffering also involves revisiting experiences we are doing our best to move beyond. Another reason has to do with the fact that it is very difficult to write … Continue reading What a suffering Savior teaches suffering saints